To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Twitter has become a force to be reckoned with in popular culture. People of all ages and all walks of life enjoy tweeting as a form of social media. However some controversy exists over whether or not tweeting is a healthy form of communication. Tweeting allows people the ability to instantly tweet their thoughts on a worldwide platform. Although this may seem like a harmless outlet tweeting can be a breeding ground for cyber bullying and other dangerous interactions. In addition some criminals can use the information they see on twitter to harass and even assault victims. Staying safe on twitter is a major concern particularly for minors. For this reason parents and guardians need to establish boundaries and standards for their children. For instance young people should be warned against tweeting personal information such addresses and phone numbers. In addition tweets should not contain information about the real-time locations of minors. Adults also need to be reminded about the dangers of using Twitter to express certain ideas. Adults must remember that Twitter is a public platform that employers and colleagues can access. Negative tweets can be cause for job termination. With these things in mind tweet away but be mindful of what you tweet.